Time Stop Addon [v1.0]

Updated: Oct 11

Welcome to the Time Stop Addon! Using this addon you can control time!

Please refer to the video and information below for further info :)


Special Items

Control Time Clock:

→ Starter Item & replaces the vanilla clock item

Every Player receives a clock when they join a world with this addon enabled! Using this clock will allow you to access the Control Time GUI!

Info Book:

→ Starter Item & can be received through Settings GUI

The Info Book holds basic information about how to use this addon and also credits to the developers of this addon!


Time Stop Items:

→ Can only be received through Settings GUI

This light blue shulker box contains useful items to play around with when stopping and/or controlling the time!



Time & Settings GUIs

Control Time GUI:

The Control Time GUI allows players to alter the time however they like! It can be accessed through right-clicking or interacting with the clock item.

Control Time GUI - Description

Please Note: Anyone with the clock item can control the time.

Settings GUI:

Admins can change the settings of the addon using this GUI. In addition, admins may receive the "Time Stop Items" shulker box by clicking the 'Items' button. The 'Info Book' button can also be used to receive extra info books!

Settings GUI - Description

Commands for Admin


What this Addon Does

Stop Time

Normal Time

Pause Game

Slow Time

Speed Up Time