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Server Announcements [Tutorial Series #33]


Removes Redstone Block: setblock ~~1~ air
# 0 Delay in ticks

1st Announcement: execute @a ~~~ tellraw @s {"rawtext":[{"text":"§e[§oServer§r§e] \n§rhey §a"},{"selector":"@s"},{"text":"§r! Do you enjoy this map? If so, be sure to check out §o§ §rfor more pixel perfect content!"}]}
# 0 Delay in ticks

2nd Announcement: execute @a ~~~ tellraw @s {"rawtext":[{"text":"§e[§oServer§r§e] \n§rThis map was created by §c§lJessie101! §rYou should subscribe to her on YouTube!"}]}
# 4800 Delay in ticks

3rd Announcement: execute @a ~~~ tellraw @s {"rawtext":[{"text":"§e[§oServer§r§e] \n§rYou can access the premium version of this map by becoming a Pixel Perfect §9VIP §ror by §dserver boosting §rour discord server!"}]}
# 4800 Delay in ticks

Loop: setblock ~~~4 redstone_block
# 4800 Delay in ticks

Tutorial World Download

Minecraft Bedrock Colour Codes

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