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Pixels Skyblock [v2.2]

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Surrounding the main islands there are 8 other islands to explore, as well as a custom Nether and a Portal to the End! Pixels Skyblock offers a modern skyblock experience, incorporating a few newer items, such as turtle eggs and bee hives. Also in the Skyblock map it is possible to get to the End by the Nether, thus there is an aim and/or an end goal to this skyblock experience!

The world is an infinite void - so don't worry about going too far in "grass flatlands"! This allows you to expand you skyblock world to your heart's content!

Birds Eye view of all of the Islands surrounding the main spawn island.

Spawn/Main Island

Sand Island

Mushroom Island

Birch Island

Jungle Island

Dark Oak Island

Swamp Island

Acacia Island

Snowy Spruce Island