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Minecraft Manhunt - Speedrunner vs Hunter [v2.1]

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

This addon is an identical recreation of Dream's Speedrunner Versus Hunter plugin, which is known as a popular "Manhunt" youtube series on his channel! The aim of the game is for the Speedrunner to kill the ender dragon and beat Minecraft before the Hunter hunts them down and kills them!

Finally, us as the Bedrock Edition players can experience this challenge!

There are three Different Gamemodes: Speedrunner Vs Hunter: Original SvH, the Hunter only receives a player tracking compass to track the speedrunner.

Speedrunner Vs Juggernaut: The juggernaut receives a player tracking compass, a netherite sword and full netherite armor.

Speedrunner Vs Teleporter: The Teleporter receives a player tracking compass and an ender pearl every 30 seconds.


Type /function svh-help to see commands for setup. Speedrunner Versus Hunter Setup Commands:


Type/function svh-random to RANDOMISE! Using this function will randomly make one person speedrunner and everyone else hunters, works with 100 players or less! Examples of this random feature are below:


Are you Ready to Attempt the Speedrunner Versus Hunter Challenge?


It is recommended to use the MCBE Advancements addon whilst playing with this addon for the best experience, however you'll need to download the #2 version file in order for the addons to be compatible and work together.


v2.1 Showcase Video:

Original Showcase Videos