Hardcore Mode Ultimate [v1.1]

Updated: Jul 27

This addon adds the difficulty “Hardcore Mode” to Minecraft bedrock edition! Essentially, this addon makes it so each time a player dies they can no longer respawn and that they are dead forever. All dead players are put into a custom spectator mode as well.

This addon includes:

  • Players can no longer respawn upon death! (one life only)

  • A custom spectator mode for dead players!

  • The world difficulty is locked to hard!

  • You can respawn yourself using /function hm-respawn!

  • Custom Hardcore Heart textures!


Below are Examples of how the hardcore hearts look like in-game:

Textures: Normal

Textures: With Absorption Effect

Textures: With Poison Effect

Textures: With Wither Effect

Image: Death Screen

When players die, they do not respawn and are instead put into spectator mode! In spectator mode, you cannot get within two blocks of alive players, you cannot pick items up, you cannot take items from chests and you cannot break or place any blocks! Below is an example of how spectator mode looks in-game:

Spectator Mode: 1st Person View

Spectator Mode: Inventory View

Spectator Mode Features include:

  • Elytra: Enables Fly! (education edition needs to be turned on in world settings)

  • Feather: Levitates (floats) you into the air!

  • Milk: Removes all effects & disables Fly!

  • Golden Carrot: Enables all effects!

  • Compass: Teleports you to the closest alive player!

Respawn Commands:

  • /function hm-respawn: Respawns yourself!

  • /execute name ~~~ function hm-respawn: Respawns a specific player! (replace the “name” in the command with the player’s name!)

Note: You will require Operator permissions (cheats enabled as well) in order to execute these commands.

Image: Respawning Example

When players die or respawn they can receive a variety of different death/revive messages! Below are these messages with their approximate chances to occur. :)

Death Messages

"player died and can no longer respawn!" (75% chance)

"player decided to head out early!" (20% chance)

"player committed the die!" (4% chance)

"player got YEETED!!" (1% chance)

"player alt f4'd!!!" (0.1% chance)

Respawn Messages

"player resurrected from the grave!" (75% chance)

"player rose from the dead!" (20% chance)

"player reincarnated!" (4% chance)

"player decided to live instead lol!" (1% chance)

"player +1UP!!!" (0.1% chance)

Use “/function hm-help” in-game to get how to use information:

Hardcore Mode Ultimate v1.1

This content can also be downloaded directly from the Pixel Perfect Discord!

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