Getting Started With Creating Addons (Bridge V2 Tutorial)

Hello all. SineVector241 here with the first tutorial of bridge/addon creation tutorial here. In this tutorial I will be showing you the resources you need, Installing Bridge V2, and creating your project!


The first set of resources you will need is the official vanilla behavior and resource packs from Microsoft documentation website. The behavior packs include the documentation and the full vanilla pack that you can look at in order to see how they structured their addon pack.

Click the button below to go the Bedrock Edition Documentation page to download the packs.

Once you are at the website scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the resource and behavior packs.

Some other useful websites/resources are

Installing Bridge V2

Bridge V2 is a powerful addon editor/creator that helps you create addons essentially. Really easy to use and a great tool for starting out. All it requires is just a browser! Edge is recommended for this however

First. Go to the bridge V2 website (Button Below)

And click on Open Editor

You will see something like this.

Bridge may also suggest installing it as an application so you can work offline with it. However if you don't see an install button and you want to install it you can click on the 3 vertical or horizontal dots on the top right and install this site as an application (example below)

Next. Select a root folder. I suggest by creating a new folder and selecting that folder. Bridge uses this folder to save your projects, extensions and other stuff.

Allow both permissions that pop up

Next. Go to your file explorer and locate where your com.mojang file is. The com.mojang file is located at


Next. Drag and drop the com.mojang folder onto bridge. Click yes on the prompt that pops up and allow the permission "Save Changes".

Lastly. Choose what editor type you want to work with. If you do not know the basics of JSON then I suggest you click on Tree Editor. For people who are experienced (like me) I personally choose Raw Text Editor as it feels more natural to me.

Now you will have a new window to create a new project. This will also create your addon at the same time. So first Click on Experimental Gameplay and enable Holiday Creator Features. Next Input your Project Name, Description(Optional) and Project Author and then click on Create.

And we are done installing and setting up bridge! You can go ahead and and play around with it. To create stuff inside your addon click on the 3 vertical dots on the left hand side and click on "New File". From there you can create all sorts of items, Armor, Functions, ETC...!

Hope you found this tutorial useful!

I also have a video (Might be a bit old) but I do show you how to create an item and applying your addon into Minecraft.

Video Below

Cya until next time!

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