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Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Corruption is spreading… Can you survive in this unique survival challenge where the world is against you? You must use the new unique tools to your advantage and stop the Corruption from spreading too far and taking over your Minecraft world, or will the corruption be too much to handle and force you underground. Features new mechanics, mobs, items and blocks for you to discover.

Brought to you by @DRP, @SquidgyfacePlays & @CyanSaber - Corruption is an addon where the world gets actively destroyed. There are mites that come out of hives. These mites spread the corruption and spreads your world to ruin (see below).

this addon was made with all vanilla features, no experimental features are needed.


- Check out the showcase here!

Best of luck! 💀🔦🧨


This content can also be downloaded directly from the Pixel Perfect Discord!

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