Block Physics

Updated: Jul 23

Minecraft's physics are honestly pretty boring, so I made this addon to spice things up a bit. In its current state, you can make explosions look pretty cool, but I also plan on adding more stuff down the line.

This addon adds entities that look just like blocks (they even work on custom blocks!), which allows me to make some pretty cool stuff, such as explosions which have blocks flying away from them.

Everything in this addon is fully customizable through config files so you can change the way the game behaves for yourself through config files, like the one below.

Config files are located in the behavior pack inside the "scripts" folder.

Addon Showcase




Explosions now spawn entity blocks across multiple ticks, which should help with a bit of lag generated by too many entities spawning at once.

  • New config option: `minBlocksToSpawnPerTick`

  • Determines the minimum amount of entity blocks required to spawn in a tick before allowing spawning in a new tick.


Block Physics v1.2.0

This content can also be downloaded directly from the Pixel Perfect Discord!

Note: This addon requires the GameTest Framework experiment to be enabled, but no other experiments are required.

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