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Better Skyblock [v1.6]

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Welcome to the most challenging Skyblock map you'll experience. You start off on an island

with only a bedrock block, grass block and some items. However, in this map an addon called "Better Skyblock" made by DanRobzProbz is used. With this addon it is possible to craft anything from grass, to even spawn eggs to help you progress through this challenging experience. There are also crates (machines) such as sieves, etc to help you out! And yes, this map is perfectly multiplayer friendly ~ there are multiple islands, which is perfect for co-op gameplay! Each player starts off with x1 sapling, x4 signs and x2 cooked beef to start their Better Skyblock world! Note: The signs can be crafted into bone meal.

There are x20 Quests and x10 Bonus Quests which you can complete during your adventure in return with amazing rewards!

There are multiple Tutorial Rooms for you to better understand how the addon works, e.g. how the crates/machines work!

There are now shops and multiple Islands (great for multiplayer) in the v1.3 Update!

Are you ready to start your Better Skyblock Adventure? UPDATED v1.3 Showcase Video:

Original v1.1 Showcase Video:

Better Skyblock v1.6

This content can also be downloaded directly from the Pixel Perfect Discord!

MC Version: 1.19+

Credit for the 1.5 & 1.6 updates: PavelDobCZ23 & SineVector241

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