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About Us

Our Purpose

Here at Pixel Perfect we strive to create a community that has 24/7 access to high quality content. We strive for You to have a great experience here!

Pixel Perfect Content

Quality content on the website is our #1 priority. All content posted on this site includes content creators who have proved expertise with creating Minecraft Bedrock Edition content. These creators can post whatever they want. Then our content moderation team will either approve, edit, or decline the post. We aim for all content on Pixel Perfect to meet certain quality standards!  

User Experience

Other than our stringent quality control for our content, User Experience is another top priority of ours! Examples include:

  • Direct & Safe download links to content (mediafire and github links only!).

  • Direct & Safe download links to content through our discord server as well!

  • Minimal ads on site to provide a pleasant user experience.

  • Modern Website layout to provide a welcoming user experience.

  • Only high quality content exists on our site - as per our content moderation team.


Creator Benefits

Unlike other Minecraft Content Sites like 𝑥, we care about ours creators. We pay creators monthly based on 50% of revenue that ads on their posts make (not yet implemented). In addition, if creators post content under the VIP (premium section), then they will also receive a small cut of the subscriptions' revenue. 

Creators also receive lifetime VIP (Usually $5/month) for free! However, if they do not post for longer than a year this privilege may be revoked at any notice. 

Join the team

If you would like to become a Pixel Perfect content creator join our discord server and create a content creator application using the #support channel!

Our Team

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